1. Orientation

SEC RESys is an intelligent and sophisticated reserves estimate tool faced oil company. It helps researchers to avoid errors and to improve  work efficiency during the process of reserves calculation and estimation, finally support SEC planning.

2. Functions

Based on the unit of assessment, data management and SEC standard, functions of the system include calculation of OOIP, technology recoverable reserves, economic recoverable reserves, proved reserves etc.,  results summarizing, analysis and exportation, assistance of SEC reserves report submission.

Graph2-1  SEC RESys 

2.1 Data Management

Data includes corroborative evidence, results, reports which sorts by estimate unit.s

Graph2-2 Data Management Workflow

2.2 Reserve Estimate

2.2.1 Contents

SEC reserves research and estimate applies these methods which includes static, dynamic and value assessment.

2.2.2 Methods Volumetric Method

This method refers to these parameters as follow:

Graph 2-3 Parameter Research of Volumetric Method

o Oil/ Gas Bearing Area

It researches on fluid boundary, lithological boundary, physical property boundary, fault boundary, boundary for reserve calculation, proved reserves boundary and reserves calculation line to determine oil/gas bearing area and auto calculate the results.

Graph2-4 Border Check for Hydrocarbon Bearing Area and Auto Calculation

o Effective Thickness

It calculates effective thickness automatically by arithmetic average method, thickness contour area trade-off.

Graph2-5 Effective Thickness (Arithmetic Average Method) 

Graph2-6 Influence Area Tradeoff Method (Septarian Map)

Graph 2-7  Isopachous Line Tradeoff Method

o Effective Porosity

Calculation Method divides into single well and unit. Single Well Calculation Method includes arithmetic average method and thickness trade-off method. Unit Calculation Method includes arithmetic average method, saturation volume weighted average method, and saturation contour area trade-off.

Graph2-8 Weighted Average Method of Rock Bulk


It calculates SATO& SATG automatically by arithmetic average method, saturation volume weighted average method, and saturation contour area trade-off.

Graph 2-9 Volume Weighted Average Method of SATO & SATG Analogy

o Analogy Oil and Gas Reservoir Management

It is available to batch upload and update materials.

Graph 2-10 eservoir Sequence

o Analogy Oil and Gas Reservoir Selection

According to the analogy reservoir sequence to select matched analogy oil and gas reservoir and calibrate recovery ratio of target reservoir.

Graph 2-11  Standard Filter

o Update and Remind of Recovery Ratio

According to dynamic data and management, it updates analogy recovery ratio of oil and gas reservoir, based on which to statistic the target reservoir using analogy reservoir. Remind of recovery ratio update of oil and gas reservoir.

Graph 2-12 Update Recovery Ratio Decline Curve Methods

According to Arps decline principle, research initial decline ratio, initial flow, decline exponent of target reservoir, predict the future production, and combine economic parameter, predict remaining proven reserves.

Graph2-13 Subsection Prediction of Decline Curve Methods Water drive Curve Methods

Utilizing constrictive analysis of water drive curve, determine recovery ratio and recoverable reserves.

Graph 2-14  Water Drive Curve Reserve Value Estimate

Utilize cash flow method and economic limit method to calculate remaining economic recoverable reserves.

o Cash Flow Method

It includes basic economic parameter management, cost and profit calculation, and economic index evaluation etc.

o Economic Limit Method

Provides calculation of economic critical production, critical water cut, critical oil and gas ratio. Provides limit of lower bound economic reserves for decline and water drive method calculation.

2.2.3 Summery Export

Summery and export results bases on SEC standard, e.g. outcome table of effective thickness well logging interpretation, well testing, production test, lamination data, PVT analysis data, proved reserves parameters.

 Graph2-15 SEC Reserves Report Expor

3. Features

3.1  Follow SEC principles 

Evaluation Method, parameter research, output results etc. definitely follow SEC standard.

3.2 Full Period Data Management

Manage basic/evident/reported data during the assessment process. 

3.3 Assessment Method

It contains static/ dynamic and economic assessment method in the process of SEC Reserve Assessment Process and provides environment of SEC reserve calculation and assessment.

3.4 Intelligent Assessment Process

Recognize target and calculate results automatically in the process of parameters research.

3.5 Complete Assessment Workflow

OOIP Calculation→Technology Recoverable Reserves Economics Recoverable→ Proved Reserves→ Summery Analysis→ Results Export

Graph3-1 Features of Productions