Result Bank

1. Overview

Result Bank is a professional information system for unstructured data (the results resources of oil industry) management. The platform provides a set of solution that are suit for document integrated comprehensive results management of the oil industry which can easily establish a set of comprehensive results (such as planning, plan, research reports, design reports, geological maps, meeting multimedia, etc.) management platform and application system inside the oil enterprise. It can make the vast amounts of results literature be ordered management and utilization which can make the precipitated knowledge of enterprise more complete service to exploration and development. The system consists of data acquisition, data management, data service control, query and search, release, original material management, utilization and other functions.

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2. Major Functions

The system is a comprehensive integrated management system.

The system provides professional metadata and cataloging scheme.

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The system provides the customized business process control.       

The system has a multi-level retrieval application modes.         

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The system has a comprehensive safety control mechanism. 

The system has pluggable component/configurable function. 

The system provides the support for a variety of files/G&G map.      

The systems has convenient auxiliary tool.

The system is built-in physical barcode management.      

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