1. Orientation

Sooil is an integrated data search platform of multi-level research and management bases on Jurassic data description model of E&P business. It adopts advanced search engine technology to integrate various oilfield data assets. 

Sooil is a platform which serves for inner-enterprise data assets search cross multi-database and multi-data types. Sooil platform provides various mode of data search to access data rapidly, and to improve accuracy and intelligentization of data search depends on profession knowledge.

2. Target

1)Provide oil company with professional intelligent search service of oilfield exploration and development research, production and management.

2)Supply one-stop data search service by integration of data, document, graphics and professional software of oilfield exploration and development.

3)Provide oilfield with professional search platform framework for various data resource access to solve problems of data search and application in 3 aspects as follows:

  • Research, search data according to the target, specialty and research contents.
  • Management, search data according to business process and work problem.
  • Decision-making, search data according to the topic and production problem.

3. Functions

As years of informatization developing, it is more hard for oilfield researchers to access comprehensive data from various individual professional database and system, Sooil provides not only universal search service but also associate search service by embedded into other system to build various application system, the main functions show as follows:

3.1 Universal SE

Provide common service for data search and access to satisfy the needs of data research and management.

image 3-1

3.2 Professional SE

Provide data search service sorted by geology target, professional and business process.

  • Professional auxiliary search
  • Search based on geology target
  • Search based on fruit type
  • Search based on business type
  • Search by specified linked conditions

image 3-2

3.3 Associated SE

Data and fruits are commonly correlated or quoted, based on which often used for data search, e.g. while we check some well testing data, the adjacent well testing data may be also need to check. Associated data search service is the method solve this kind problems, the detailed as follows:

  • Associated search based on business target, e.g. associated search of adjacent wells, parent-level business target, brother-level business target etc. (structure, structural unit)
  • Associated search based on business process
  • Associated search based on business target and process
  • Associated search based on materials e.g. associated search of business target, business process,metadataetc.

imgae 3-3

image 3-4

3.4 Scene SE

Aim at business activities and work scene, Sooil provide associated data search service depend on data correlation and the logic of professional, due to which related data can be extracted according to the topic of research, management and business activities.

  • Provide formal search in entire network and directory navigation 
  • Decision making of well location proof, favorable block selection, oil and gas reservoir evaluation etc., provide professional data link query mode for customer heuristic data search.

image 3-5

3.5 Provide data for Other applications

Intelligent search also provide external interface of data search for other applications, the detailed modes are as follows:  

  • Embed into other applications as an mode of internal data search faced petroleum professional.
  • Can be invoked directly for external data presentation and data access.
  • Application program require specified data for search engine, and search engine return data for application program for use.

image 3-6

4. Features

  • Excellent application mode resembling to the universal internet search engine.
  • Multi-system data search ability resembling to the universal internet search engine.
  • Petroleum industry terminology search (Geology target, business process, professional concepts etc.) 
  • Data mining ability achieved by correlating petroleum industry data through extendable model.
  • Data present in comply with customer conventions and application scene.
  • Security search by role permission. 
  • Can provide data for other application programs, and also perform as the foundation of knowledge management and intelligent decision-making for senior manager.