Evaluation Knowledge Base

1. Overview

Exploration evaluation knowledge base is an exploration evaluation knowledge management system that takes basin, zone, traps and reservoirs as the object, takes evaluation content, evaluation node as knowledge framework, takes knowledge dependence and related relations as the main clue, takes data fragment as knowledge point and according to evaluation standard, discipline, time, the three dimensions provides the management of the four kinds of evaluation targets- knowledge summary ,evaluation parameters and key map.

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Exploration evaluation knowledge base suits users in different roles. For exploration evaluation personnel, at the beginning of four evaluation subjects design, knowledge base can quickly find the latest and the most authoritative understanding. In the process of evaluation, the knowledge base can trace back previous understanding, basis ,related key chart and evaluation parameters; For personnel who just dealt with an exploration area lately, the Knowledge Base can help him to quickly get the geological situation of the exploration area which can help him plunge into his work faster; For exploration decision-makers, the knowledge base can get the source, reservoir ,cover, trap, transport, conserve and other key decision elements timely.

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2. Major Functions:

oThe management of core interest: exploration evaluation knowledge base’s knowledge management of four types of evaluation subject is the management of oilfield enterprises core interests.

oThe management of core assets: exploration evaluation knowledge base provides standardized sustainable management of four types of evaluation subject for oilfield enterprises which can put the knowledge under enterprise management and takes knowledge as the enterprise assets for enterprises to use.

oImproving project quality management: exploration evaluation knowledge base not only let researcher and decision-making and management person completely get the of evaluation status of exploration targets, but also can provide public supervision of the new knowledge that generated by project which can improve the project quality management and strengthen the innovate consciousness of project group.

oShorten project evaluation cycle: exploration evaluation knowledge base not only let the researchers can quickly find the latest and most comprehensive data but also can search out all research knowledge, ideas and important chart that generated by project.

oAccelerate talent-development: exploration evaluation knowledge base provides enterprization of the evaluation knowledge which can provide the people who just dealt with an exploration area lately a good platform which can comprehensively grasp exploration area geological actual data, understand predecessors' views and knowledge and contribute to their rapid growth.

oKnowledge management of decision-making and research: exploration evaluation knowledge base does not take management results as target, but takes the results as points and use them to draw the outline of situation of understanding and evaluation process of the whole geological target. 

3. Features

oStrong and professional full-text search: exploration evaluation knowledge base’s full-text search can not only extract text from the search knowledge results, but also can search various attributes of knowledge results.


oRelated results

When you want to check the results, you always want to find related exploration evaluation knowledge, which is associated with professional and deep analysis. It in formed a retrospective relationships between results, including dependent relationships results, the correlation results, the superior target, the subordinate target and other relationships.

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oFlexible and convenient configuration function: whether four evaluation system, or address target structure, or parameter system, exploration evaluation knowledge base can provide custom configuration and can provide adjustment according to the actual situation. 

oClear separation of roles: roles in the system was given full consideration to the department setting and collaboration of actual work and provided detailed division.

oHumanized operation interface.