1. Orientation

Geochem 2.0 is a rapid diagram plotting tool, which bases on abundant of build-in geochemical chart. On account of it, users can create graphs quickly, improve work efficiency and accuracy significantly, and it has been widely used in oil & gas exploitation field.

This system is suitable for research of petroleum origin and oil sources correlation.

2. Target

To improve geochemical analysis quality and efficiency unlimitedly through build-in chart and the function of chart editing/ graph creating. 

3. Function

3.1 Resource Management

This function supports to paste local Excel files, word files, and website data into the table, manage multiple maps in the same data, and view data tables/ contents corresponding the diagrams.

image 3-1

3.2 Graph Creating

3 steps for users to create chart: chart data range, select object chart, set indexes, chart legends entries etc., generate the final diagram.

image 3-2

3.3 Chart / Graph Editing

This system has abundant build-in charts,and has flexible function of chart /graph editing.

o Format axis bound, tick marks space, tick marks type, labels and gridlines etc;

o Legend formatting of position, display ,and symbol etc;

o Setting for chart size, color and location etc;

o Local zooming function for triangular chart.

image 3-3

3.4 Graph Export

Save diagrams in the format of bmp、Jpeg、Gif、Png、Tiff、Svg、Emf to satisfy the need of present and publish.

image 3-4

4. Feature

4.1 Professional Map

It has 5 build-in catalogues which includes 53 standard geochemical charts and 4 common charts. 

image 4-1

4.2 Flexible Chart/Graph Editing Function

This software has flexible chart/graph editing function, which users can import and edit standard chart and delete empirical value.

image 4-2

4.3 Simply Operation System

This system has Chinese and English version, data acquisition wildly, and flexible chart/graph editing function, which is easy for users to learn.

image 4-3