1. Orientation

WellNetDsgnr system is developed to meet the need of well network design, which supports vertical and horizontal well network design in both new block and developed blocks.

2. Target

Vertical and horizontal well net design is finished automatically by the functions of electronic map and model of well geometric arrangement. This system supports data exportation of well coordinate, well name, well type and etc. and it improves the quality and efficiency through automatically well network design and quickly plan adjustment.

3. Functions

This system support vertical and horizontal well network design, and the well network parameter can be adjusted dynamically, final well coordinates can be exported into spreadsheet.

3.1 Vertical Well Network Design

Methods of Vertical Well Network Design include: triangular pattern, square inverted nine spot pattern, diamond inverted nine spot pattern,rectangle inverted nine-spot pattern, row well pattern, square five-spot pattern, rectangle five-spot pattern, inverted seven-spot pattern, oblique inverted seven-spot pattern, totally 9 types. Each sketch of well patterns show as follows:

Graph 3-1 Triangular Pattern

Graph 3-2 square inverted nine-spot pattern

Graph 3-3 diamond pattern

Graph 3-4 Five-spot pattern

3.2 Horizontal well net design

Horizontal well net design methods include: five-spot pattern, normal seven-spot pattern, cross seven-spot pattern, nine-spot pattern, eleven-spot pattern, full water flooding well pattern, natural energy development well pattern, cross natural energy development well pattern, hybrid well pattern, totally 9 types, each sketch of well network design show as follows: 

Graph 3-5 Five-spot well pattern

Graph 3-6 Seven-spot well pattern

Graph 3-7 cross natural energy development well pattern

Graph 3-8 Hybird well pattern

3.3 Well network adjustment

The effect of well network can be adjusted flexibly after or during well pattern design, well network adjustment includes two levels: overall adjustment and local adjustment.

Overall adjustment:  To modify well network parameter such as well spacing, row spacing, angle of orientation etc. then, regenerate well network.


Graph 3-9 Vertical Well Network parameter                   Graph 3-9 Vertical Well Network parameter

Local adjustment: add/delete water injection well, add horizontal well group, and adjustment of horizontal section length, target number, azimuth angle etc. parameters of horizontal well.

Graph 3-11 Horizontal well adjustment

Graph 3-12 Add horizontal well group

3.4 Well coordinate exportation

After complete well network design, the various well coordinates generated can be exported into spreadsheet, the spreadsheet format is as follow:

Graph3-13 Coordinate of water injection well 

Graph 3-14 Horizontal well coordinate

3.5 Achievements Interaction

o This system can open graphics created by GeoMap;

Graph 3-15 open GeoMap diagram in well network system

o Well network files can be opened in GeoMap

 Graph 3-16 open generated diagram  in well network system via GeoMap

4. Features

4.1 Abundant methods of well network design

The build in methods include 9 vertical well network design and 9 horizontal well network design, which cover the main domestic methods of well network design.

4.2 Simple operation

One click to generate required vertical and horizontal well network. Moreover, horizontal well group can be generated by specified drill site, displacement of target A and wellhead projection in the same plane, offset displacement etc.

4.3 Flexible editing functions

Support overall and local adjustment of well network, also can design well spacing curve length accurately.

4.4 Convenient date output function 

Well formatted Data can be exported into spreadsheet conveniently.as needed.

4.5 Convenient fruit graphics interaction function

WellNetDsgnr and Geomap can share and reuse the fruit graphics interactively because of the consistent format.