D&P Information System

1. Positioning

The system is used in the process of oil & gas development and production whose core task is yield. It focused on solving the practical problems in the planned track of production and management process, effect evaluation, indicator statistics and workload assessment. Through the workflow informatization and indicator visualization in production management, production plan, production testing, oil & gas gathering, production operations, energy conservation to help the clients quickly, timely and accurately grasp and understand the daily production running condition of oil field.

2. Objective

Base on the business and management, combination of business management process and information technology which can be used to enhance the economic efficiency of the information system and core competiveness of the company. 

2.1 Improve the efficiency of Oil Company 

Through the informatization of business process to make the reservoir and production personnel free from heavy data statistics and indicator calculation. The system is assisted to accomplish data summary statistics, curved display of reports and other work. It can save computing time and improve daily work efficiency.  

2.2 Support the implement of analysis software

The database covers the whole development and production process of the company which is helpful for dynamic analysis, SAP financial analysis, management of decision-making platform, reserves management and so on. The seamless combination of the system database and the application data could ensure the system’s utility. 

2.3 Realize asset accumulation of Oil Company

60% of the time is used for collecting, searching data in traditional reservoir, production management work. The system realized the centralized storage for dynamic and static data of development and production. It can greatly save searching time and enable accumulation of data resource in business. 

2.4 Improve economic benefit of decision-making

From production field to Operation Company and Oil Company, the system builds the three-level mechanism of real-time data collection, and transmission. This kind of mechanism can quickly, accurately understand the field information and can improve accuracy and timeliness of decision-making by reservoir and production personnel in Oil Company. Ultimately, it could improve production time efficiency and economic efficiency. 

3. Function

1) The system enables ordered acquisition and real-time delivery of various types of development and production data, and it could enables fast generation of various production reports for different levels, like the headquarter, branch company, work areas and production site, etc. 

2) Based on specialized development and production database, it supports the whole daily business process for the oil company.

3) On the basis of database, the system builds a variety of data applications through management reports, chart curves and GIS warning way. It plays an important role in daily production management. 

image3-1 System Constitution

4) It enables the separation of collection and query statistics on the basis of business database and program database two-level structural design. It can improve running speed and user experience. 

5) Based on the idea of business drives design, the business database covers the whole process of oil development and production and it effectively support the upper application. 

6) The project database uses the technology of real time active date warehouse for the query and statistical analysis of development data. It can improve data processing efficiency and reduce delays. 

image3-2 Development Database Schema

7) The system establishes comprehensive production plan to collect, operate, track and manage the process. It closely combines the plan and real-time data of production and operation to ensure the plan is completed. 

8) The production management function enables real-time tracking and analyzing production data of limited company, subsidiary company and Operation Company. It enables the whole data chain management of comparing from track, plan to real-time statistics.

9) The production test functions covers test result data of the test reports from dynamic testing work and is oriented by test report results which could reach to the whole process of entire dynamic test work.

10) Oil and gas gathering modules is oriented by the result data in the process of gathering and gradually extend to the gathering process. Collecting the process data and measurement data from the processes of oil-gas-water separation, crude oil dehydration, crude oil stabilization, natural gas dehydration, light hydrocarbon recovery, etc. 

11) Borehole operation functions involves the whole process management in borehole operation, and it effectively regulate borehole operation management, operational control and statistical analysis.  

12) Energy saving functions enables whole process management and control for collection, management, analysis, publication, assessment of all kinds of consumption data and emission data. 


                      图3-3 production test                            图3-4 oil and gas gathering and transportation

                      图3-5 downhole operation                         图3-6 energy-saving and emission-reduction

4. Characteristics

  • The system uses lots of optimized diagrams design to improve display performance and to promote the analysis and application quality of date asset.
  • Based on data display, navigation, analysis and warning capabilities of GIS, it greatly enhance the user experience of information system. 
  • The database builds the mutual relying and promotion between the oil field production and reservoir. 
  • The database enables multiple data collection program and supports multi-language and multi-dimension. 
  • The database enables traced, drilled query application. 
  • The database is an open platform and it could create an interface with some analysis software, like PEOffice, SAP, ECLIPS, reserves, etc.