HR Management System

1. Product orientation

The product aims at constructing an integrated platform for enterprises, especially those with overseas projects. Based on the concept of “people oriented”, it enhances HR management efficiency greatly by internationalizing human resources and taking reality into consideration.

2. Targets

To realize the target of processing recruit, HR management, salary, training and evaluation in a networking,informatization,paperlessenvironment by focusing on HR planning and evaluation system.

3.  Function

  • Organization structure management

 Manage organization structure, describe department/post responsibilities, establish connection between job description and ability module, instant generate organization structure and supervise post state.

  • HR archive management

Manage basic information like family, reward, working experience, post change, passport and visa, and warn of situation variation (overdue of passport/visa)

  • Contract management

Manage signing, renew, modification, termination and rescission of contracts, remind state changes.

  • Salary management

Classify different category of salary standards; send salary bill via e-mail automatically in accordance with attendance record.  

  • Check attendance management

Offer various ways of punch in, online request of ask off and approval; arrange shift vocation and generate air ticket information automatically.

  • Recruit management

Manage the process of recruiting from HR requirements to official employment; support change of strategy and improvement of process by analyzing recruit source and cost.

  • Performance management

Based on job description defined by ability model, it can quantify evaluation requirements, carry out evaluation plans and analyze related data. Thus, it offers foundation for promotion, post changing, dismiss as well as establishing HR strategy.

  • Training management

An overall management of training requirement, training plan, courses plan, training resources, lecture-selecting, test and evaluation.

  • Ability model management

Build ability model for company. By analyzing different posts and sampling performance requirements of all posts, it offers a foundation for training and performance evaluation.

  • User-defined query

By summarizing basic data of employees, it offers multi-dimension query, graphical display and user-defined daily report forms.

4. Feature

  • Adapt to local law
  • Differentiated position arrangement
  • Differentiated attendance management
  • Multi-type salary structure
  • Multi-language 

4.2 Routinized attendance management 

According to varieties of attendance checking in overseas projects, the system can relate attendance record to ticket information, generate and record related information automatically till the end of process. 

4.3 Streamlined salary management

Multi-standards of salary management, carry out fix/change of salary process in batch quantity, record changes in salary and generate payoff records automatically.

4.4 Systemized training system

Centering on ability module, it integrates training planning, course sourcing, lecture selecting, testing and evaluating together and helps companies to recruit, employ and train systematically.

4.5 Customized service supplying

Customized service enables convenient operations in a various report forms in HR management, sets complicated approval process like dual-stage approval, multi-personnel joint signature, etc.