Purchasing Management System

1. Orientation

This system positioning in material purchasing management of overseas projects, our target is aimed at establishing a standardized process of sales, operation, material purchasing and warehouse. It realizes information sharing, pre-monitoring, it can also balance optimize inventory and production capacity, reduce pressures of inventory and accounts payable, provide materials and services at the lowest cost.

2. Target

o Analyze and forecast the amount and cost of materials to support decision of manager;

oImprove work efficiency and reduce inventory amount, make a process-oriented, standard and information sharing purchasing business, expedite capital turnover and provide materials and services at the lowest cost;

o Put an end to material waste that caused by unclear demand application;

o Informationlize warehouse materials with bar-code, realize warehouse Wi-Fi service, mobilize hand-carry devices and automate the warranty period pre-warning.

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3. Function

3.1 Purchasing Budget Management

Through docking with enterprise financial systems, it can automatically adapt to annual budget of company and department.  Through material demand of each department and material price of each year, it can automatic generated purchasing budget of each demand plan. It combines annual budget with purchasing demand budget and provide users with material demand evidence.

3.2 Supplies Demand Management

This feature bases on The classification and code of oil industry material, provide relevant requirement and standard for users. Users can use material’s pictures to select information, and find material by individualized tags.

3.3 Supplies Purchasing Management

It focuses on automatic calculation analysis and is supplemented by online confirmation of purchasing department. It realizes automatically generated archive material demand by automatic merge and split.  In order to improve the efficiency and scientific of generated purchasing plan , it can gather statistics of historical prices, estimate budget, put forward to recommend purchasing way and eventually form purchasing plan.

3.4 Purchasing Contract Management

According to bidding or inquiry results of the system, this function can edit and generate purchasing contract online, upload/download scanned copy of signed contract, track logistics information, monitor implementation progress of contract and timely warning contract purchasing and payment settlement.

3.5 Transportation Management

According to the latest logistics information, this function helps users to track material transportation, adjust production and reduce procurement cycles.

3.6 Supplies Management

This function combines Wi-Fi network, bar-code material with wireless handheld terminal equipment and collect materials maintenance record automatically. It realizes information management of receiving, acceptance, warehouse entry, maintenance, ex-warehouse etc. 

3.7 Purchasing Settlement Management

Based on material price, a timely calculation of material demand will be carried out. It realizes fast import purchasing cost accounting and financial voucher by docking with financial system, so as to reduce manual calculation and input workload.

3.8 Purchasing Invoice Management

This function provides a VAT and commercial invoice management , and shares invoice with system.

3.9 Business Report Management

This function is convenient for query and use purchasing business report, purchasing analysis report and SQL to excel. Purchasing business report bases on analysis of business results, reflect enterprise procurement business information; purchasing analysis report analyzes results and operation situation of the main business in purchasing process. SQL to excel is a customized report which is easy for users to analyze report according to their own needs.

4. Feature

4.1 Workflow Engine

It adopts advanced workflow engine to support various process characteristics. It directly shows the process operation by graphs, and it avails purchasing department to configure workflow rapidly.

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4.2 Hand-carry Devices

Under wireless network condition, it helps users to manage materials by query, ex-warehouse, warehouse entry, warehouse shift and inspection through the PDA handheld devices and system matching function. It greatly improves the simplicity and operability of the system.

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4.3 Bar-code Material 

It automatically generates bar-code of materials. When checking materials, the warehouse keeper can acquire material information by scanning bar-code. Thus it simplifies warehouse operation.

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4.4 Wi-Fi Service

It builds a wireless network in warehouse, uses Wi-Fi and wireless scan terminal to improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse work.

Basic function of automatic wireless storage system:

Storage Management:Submit GRN to backend system quickly, warehouse keeper can acquire data in time;

EX-Management:Warehouse keeper inputs commodity quantity on MT,  database will automatically change the inventory;

Location Query: Specific location of commodity can be localized by scanning bar-codes in real time;

heck:Perform regular stock count, generate discrepancies form for verification;

Warehouse Shift:Data of new location will be input by handheld device and automatically synchronized to the system;

Query:Inquire commodity information by code, and verify information of commodity label.

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