Enterprise Portals System

1. Product orientation

The product faces to upstream and downstream of petroleum industries both home and abroad, provides portals construction and related services. It focuses on constructing a safe business communication channel for customers and partners, which connects business and information flow. The channel connects enterprise with customers, partners, suppliers and agents, builds a platform for collecting, issuing, sharing information, also a firm tie of internal and external of companies. Thus improve the competitiveness of enterprise.

image1-1 Product Scope

2. Targets

o Configured organization structure, business process and data flow

o Configured layout, style and type of portals

o Templatized site

o Individualized workspace

o Application pluggable

3. Function

image 3-1 Product Frame

o Safety Management

Manage resources, roles and jurisdiction uniformly. Protect data in a multilayer level.

o Single Sign-on

Log in once, free navigation.

o Information publication

Support the publication of texts, documents, pictures, audio and videos. Support multilayer check management.

o Business View

One business with several views can help with understanding of an overall business operation, analyze business with multi-dimension in multi-level.

o Personal Portals

On personal portals, users can subscribe for news, notifications, electronic journals and other information related to their work, also manage e-mails, schedules, missions and address books.

o Building Template

The product is able to use the template for a prompt building of sub-sites, department portals, project team portals, personal work portals, partner sites, provider sites, agent sites and other sites, thus extend the portals.

4. Features

o Integration

The product has a strong ability of integration. It can generate a new business subsystem quickly, which provides a uniform entrance of information services for the enterprise both inside and outside.

o Extension

OA service framework and componentized technology give the product a strong expansibility to cope with the change of new functions and resource needs.

o Synergy

It inosculates business flow and information flow thus enhances working efficiency greatly. Meantime, it helps realize paperless work style, instant resources sharing, eliminating information isolated islands.

o Individuation

Staffs, customers, partners and agents of the enterprise can set up an individualized workspace to focus on important issues.