1. Overview

SEMIS exploration and production of management information systems is a set of comprehensive management, application, and dissemination system that manage the data in the exploration and production process and analysis statistical and graphical of exploration and production, which can Track the exploration and production of dynamic.

The system implements the management of exploration production data which include exploration plan, investment, exploration effect, drill dynamic, logging, well testing, geophysical prospecting, entrapment, reserves result and so on .It also implements in the day-to-day management of the oil field daily, monthly, and annual reports, complete the production of daily workload completion, investment in the completion of exploration results, the effectiveness analysis disaggregated statistical data and chart output. Through a portal of information technology, the system can focus on points difference, according to the different levels and positions information, achieve hierarchical sub-post information customized to meet the needs of the different users of the scientific research, production, management, exploration and production information.

2. Features

  • The unconventional exploration data management
  • The system can be unconventional exploration data acquisition, storage, transmission, processing and publishing, to achieve effective management of unconventional exploration data.
  • Exploration well operating condition tracking
  • The system can show exploratory wells from spud drilled to, well completion, the entire operation of the test oil, jobs, cross-layer, cross well.
  • Plan complete status tracking
  • The system show the annual plan completion and the situation of monthly performance  by way of dynamic chart.

                                                     image 2-1

  • Each unit of daily reported data case tracking
  • The system can track the situation of each unit of daily reported data 
  • Commonly used workload statistics
  • The system achieves the workload statistics commonly used in the management of exploration. The statistics results show to us by various ways such as chart with report. The statistics data has corresponding detail, and in relation to well comprehensive information.

                                                      image 2-2

  • Exploration and production of basic data query and download
  • The system implements the drilling, logging, oil testing, trap, reserves data query and application functionality. 
  • Report query and application
  • The system implements drilling daily, test oil daily, branch statements, AG statements, query and application functionality.
  • The hierarchical publishing system, sub-post personalized custom
  • The system according to the application requirements of different levels and positions, custom publishing interface; Users can also customize their own publishing pages based on individual application characteristics.


                                                     image 2-3