YD-2 water well condition acquisition device

1. Product overview

YD-2 device is a powerful smart water well control terminal with kinds of interfaces. It can timely monitor water injection well pressure, control valve opening and water injection rate to ensure collection promptness and accuracy. It’s wildly used in oil field smart data acquisition system.

2. Product feature

o With built-in G/C net model, stable data transmission

o Two working modes of wire and wireless

o Data storage technique to prevent data lost

o With large LED multi-row display to query conveniently

o Security structure design to ensure device safety

o Firmware upgrade remotely

o Simple structure, easy to install and maintain

3. Specification





Input signal range

Optional Input method,volt:amplitude: 1~5V,current:4mA~20mA

Voltage supply

3.6VDC lithium battery

Ambience temperature


Working humidity


Storage temp


Storage humidity