Single oil well data acquisition terminal

1. Product overview 

Single oil well data acquisition terminal use ARM as micro processor core to collect data, store data, display data, control start-stop well, control frequency converting. It combines load cell, temperature sensor, and pressure sensor and power module as a oil well data acquisition control system.

2. Product feature

o With 32bit micro processor to calculate

o Built-in micro power consumption wireless communication modules

o 32M data can be stored

o 220VAC power supply, built-in rechargeable lithium battery 

o Start-stop well alarming and pressure temperature overrun alarming

o Remotely start-stop well and locally start-stop well

o with RS485、RS232 interface

o Remotely update, save cost and convenient

o Simple structure, easy to install and maintain

3. Specification





Input signal range

Optional Input method,volt:amplitude: 1~5V,current:4mA~20mA

Power supply


Ambience temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity


Storage humidity


LCD resolution