Flow automatic control device

1. Product overview

The CNML series of automatic control devices are high technology and integration products that adjust the flow rate automatically. The device combines flowmeters, control valves and intelligent controllers all in one.

The intelligent controller compares the measured value of the flow rate to the set point, when the measured value is different with the set point, the control valve will be activated automatically, to regulate the flow rate meets the set value.

This device uses the advanced PID closed control loop. It has a cramped structure.It’s powerful and very convenient to use.

This device is wildly used in the field of intelligent control of water well in the oil extraction industry. Especially for the high pressure injection, water adding and pouring in the oil field.

2. Product feature

  • Large LCD screen, it can indicate the total flow rate, current flow rate, date, daily flow rate and accumulate rate.
  • Switchable between manual control and auto control.
  • Angle type installation structure, convenient for the auto control renewal for the oil well and water well.
  • Multi-kinds of the signal output select.
  • Have valve opening indicator, it is easy to observe on site
  • Using high hardness alloy to manufacture the core part of the mechanic parts, raised the shock resistance performance.
  • Dual power supply system design. It’s functional when there is no power connected.
  • Dismountable structure design, convenient to repair and maintain.
  • Using piecewise linear interpolation correction methods to provide high accuracy for correction.
  • Optimized designed flow regulator. Especially for the high differential pressure and low flow rate system.

3. Specification



Nominal diameter


Ambience Temperature


Atmosphere pressure


Temperature of the medium


Ingress Protection grade

IP 6

Power supply(Optional)

One phase AC220±20V 50Hz);DC24V

Power supply of the motor


Nominal pressure


Relative humidity


Suitable medium

Water, waste water contains oil

Pressure loss


Operation Time between full open and full close


Accuracy grade

1.0, 1.5, 2