Industrial type oil well RTU

1. Product overview

IPC oil well RTU consists of IPC, DTU, USB wireless collection transfer unit. It use X86 to construct CPU, the function is powerful, installation is based on windows XPE system, it’s stable and reliable. With 2-way standard serial port and 1-way standard 485 interface, function expansion is very convenient.3 external USB 2.0 ports can be connected with mouse, keyboard and camera head, it also can send data to internet through internet port. It’s wildly used in working condition fields. 

2. Product feature

o Small volume design for embedded system

o Compact Flash slot,easy to install

o SD card expand slot,mass data storage

o Two RS232 interface

o On board 10/100Mbps LAN

o Multiple optional start modes

o Low power consumption

o On board audio interface

3. Specification

Name Parameter Name Parameter
Display 1  5Pin VGA D type female joint PS/2 Public port for mouse and keyboard
USB 3external USB port Mini-PCI 1
RS-232 2way Power supply DC 5V@2A(10W)
Weight 500g Working temperatur 5~50℃
Certification CE,FCC