Metering Skid

1. Product overview

The metering skid of producing well in oil field combines metering separator, metering instruments for both gas and liquid phases, pipelines, valves and etc into one skid. The metering skid is fully installed, the outlet pipe of the skid served with matching flanges.

The metering slid can meter all medium both in gas phase and liquid phase continuously. The mixture of light distillate oil, natural gas and water separates within the skid.

This metering skid is easy to use, durable and reliable.

2. Product feature

  • Using horizontal Gas-Liquid separator as the metering separators for each metering stations. The matched instruments and pipelines are all prefabricated into one skid.
  • The pressure and level of the metering separator achieved to be automatic controlled. Eliminated any influences caused by human factors for the separate effects of the metering separators.
  • This skid using swirl flowmeters to meter natural gas, using mass flowmeters to meter liquid. The flowmeters can indicate instantaneous flow rate and total flow rate in field. Ensured the measuring effect of the flowmeters for both liquid and gas. Reduced the management work in field.
  • Achieved to data acquisition of inlet temperature and the pressure of the separators, pressure and level of the mixed outlet, flow rate of the natural gas and crude oil. And transport data to remote control system.

3. Specification



Fluid content of the separated gas


Removal rate of the air bubbles


Atmosphere pressure


Median diameter of the liquid


Deviation of the metering for liquid and gas phase