Shaft digitizing service

1. Positioning

Digitizing of comprehensive well logging chart is to extract information on the graph, form structured data, and stored in the exploration database, according to standardized criteria, by scanning historical chart paper, digitizing collection and etc. And to provide data support for geological research.

image 1-1

2. Objective

The general idea of arranging recorded historical data of well logging chart is: exploded the information recorded in the chart into a structured data and stored in the database, rather than just scanned the image and saved them into the gallery. At the same time extract the data by using the appropriate software to and replayed as vector diagrams.

The main contents of digitizing is divided into two large main section and an additional section: two main section are the resources building and software platform building. The additional part is determined the relevant specifications of sorting contents, sorting criteria, data sources data sharing relationship analysis.

The overall objective of logging chart application solutions of Jurassic shown as in Figure 2-1

image 2-1 Overview objective

3. Content

3.1 Data Structure Analysis and Database Building

o Well log database building

Referring related standards, combined with the actual situation of the oil field maps to determine the structure of the logging diagram . And determine this structure of the logging diagram as the digitizing  content.  Including: basic data, chart header data, drilling / gas log, core homing, lithologic section, fluorescence logging, drilling mud logging, comprehensive description of logging, and others.

o Log database building

Not only transfer the external log chart curve data into the Las files, and also need to form the log database by gathering relevant data.

Conventional logging data table has the following 9:

Basic Data 6
Curve Data(original

Conventional logging

data interpretation

Cable manometry

data sheets

Data sheet of log interpretation

results of the field

Cable sample testing

 data sheet

Data sheet of conventional

log interpretation results 

image 3-1 

3.2 Resources building

To digitizing the geological map including: comprehensive map logging, core integrated map, reservoir comprehensive map, gas logging maps, geochemical logging plans, standard logging maps, comprehensive logging maps, digital processing achievement chart, cementing quality map.

Under the unified management of the database, data sharing and visualization of maps achieved. Not only provides a powerful data support to exploration development research,  facilitate petroleum geology researchers manage and use such information. But also offers a rich, uniform standards, quality and reliable source of information for the follow-up of information construction and conduct research applications (online search, publish, browse, borrow, analysis, downloads) .

image 3-2 indicates of arrangement

o Highlights

By confirming the contents of data processing, data sharing relationships, data sources, and using a variety of techniques to make the original record log diagram data collection standardized and integrated. Creating an easy checking, applying  information resource. Construction’s highlight points indicates as the following:

image 3-3 highlight points of resource building

o Policy

Resource development implementation strategy is to set up logging database→loading the existing map datamaps digitizinginformation data structuring.

3.3 Plan of application platform

The application system of Logging diagram need to form a resource system which is capable to organize and manage, and stored unified of scientific and technological achievements, for research information services and tools utilization. The system achieved the following four main objectives:

o With capabilities which can transfer data into map, and  to playback into the original chart patterns  by logging data.

o Having a perfect logging graph data management and application function, and can convenient load and export log data, various of discrete data, text data, and sheet files.       

With the function of data statistics and analysis, and capable to statistical analysis sandstone, mudstone, interpretation layer of each well.

with a function of data extension, research and application. Form professional geological analysis maps which researchers concerned by existed logging data.

For the above work, Jurassic presents “exploration and development platform "system to solve the problem of management and application logging data.

image3-4 Statistical functions

image3-5 Data mapping function

4. characteristics

4.1 Integration programs

Provide a perfect integrated solution for the logging data’s digitized  collection and processing, the standard is established, the data quality control and data’s mount interface and the scientific use of the dat. The expanded data using prospect can  service in an integrated geological research and other many fields.

4.2 Neuralog

Introduce the most advanced technique Neuralog,can guarantee the uniform deformation tracking  for both vertical and horizontal of the drawings. Inhomogeneous deformation trackingpartial deformation tracking, automatic curve bounds reentry and other process also can be guaranteed, improve the precision of the acquisition log. The result can import into various kind Precision adjustable common used curve format.

image4-1 Neuralog

4.3 ImageGEO

The data digitizing software –ImageGEO, has the independent intellectual property rights. It has the technology of depth correction adjustment, in the process of digitizing gathering, the uniform deformation tracking can be track along  the horizontal baseline of the drawings. Inhomogeneous deformation tracking,partial deformation tracking, automatic judgment for vertical reference line of collection point can also happened. It effectively guarantee the accuracy of collected data.

image4-2 Depth correction adjustment

4.4 Data Visualization Mapping technology of shaft

The data visualization software of shaft comes with independent intellectual property rights.

Using the logmap software  in the digitization process to read logging data and  transfer into drawings. Then the project will chart plotter output to vellum (translucent paper) to proofread. The structured data qualified by proofread with this method contrast with the original line width is not more than one original line width, usually 0.3mm.

image4-3 Data Visualization Mapping technology of shaft