Digital Archives Establishment Service

1. Service orientation

Digital Archives establishment mainly serves informationizing electronically various information assets preserved in oil companies. After revising, verifying, editing, description, etc., we make them accord with certain standards and also normative, searchable, publishable, available. The information source includes two types: physical data and electronic data.

2. Service goal

The service goal of Establishment for Digital Archives is standard editing archives sources, and then uniformly fitting them into system platform for management and application.

image2-1 Overall establishment goal

3. Service items

3.1 Standard editing archives

The standard editing informationize electronically various information preserved in archives, after revising, verifying, editing, description, etc., the information will be standard, normative, searchable, publishable, available information sources.

image3-1 standardization of archives schematic

3.2 Metadata plan

The Metadata plan is adopting methods of description, etc. With more information to descript file documents, so user can accurately understand files without knowing files’ details; the plan can also provide convenience for huge amounts of files cataloguing and expert searching.

Jurassic company offer Metadata plan according to oil industry requirements of files application. After metadata excerpt and summary, user can manage spatial data and solve the problem of multiple linear management and rapid query by making use of computer technology.

image3-2 metadata establishment goal

3.3 Files application platform plan

Files application system is to form a technological achievements resource database with function of uniform storage, organization and management, make information service for researchers.

1) Files management

o Forming files center cataloging function

The below picture shows the digital files center cataloging plan during implementing of a project finished by Jurassic company. The plan forms digital files cataloging based on five clues, which are Professional files, Structure units, Oilfields, National geological data classification, and data generating units.

image3-3 files center cataloging plan

o  Files borrowing function

After logging in the system, users can borrow electronic and physical files. (Picture 3-6 shows borrowing files process、Picture 3-7shows borrowing physical files process)

image3-4 borrowing files process

image3-5 borrowing physical files process

2) Query and search

After fitting electronic files into database, searching service will automatically extract files content, catalog full-text index, and support client full-text searching.

image3-6 full-text searching

After structural description of files with metadata form, users can get quick feedback results when input concerned content.

image3-7 files attribute retrieval

3) Browse online

Function of brose online can researchers can quickly browse electronic files online with the function of browse online. Browse online working sketch is as following:

image3-8 browse files online

With the system plug-in technology, users can quickly preview geological vector map in browser.

image3-9 browse geological vector maps online

4) Security regime

Offline electronic files security control is one of the most important links in the management system, by limiting reading times and reading period of PDF files downloaded by clients, preventing random distribution of PDF files, preventing saving copies by clients, and automatically destroying the expired files, security regime can insure the files’ safety.

4. Service features

4.1 Integrity and comprehensiveness

Establishment of Digital Archives plan service includes editing data sources, establishing software platform, consulting and establishing work procedure, establishing of supporting system. The service satisfies all aspects of requirements from a mature service, so the advantages of integrity and comprehensiveness are unique.

4.2 Standardization and specialization

Jurassic, the company's professional service cannot only satisfy general industry standard, but also deep studies and practices in industry segmentations, it can fully support Petrochina and Sinopec system's latest standards. Archives, cataloging, item description, etc. can be fully customized and  preset-up, which ensure the flexibility and standardization; In archives management, for paper files(or other entities),adopting fast segmentation description for paper files, visual physical memory address management, bar code management, borrowing sheet etc.; for electronic files, adopting files offline control, watermark management, which satisfy the professional requirements.

4.3 High degree of safety

Jurassic geological archives management system has a high degree of safety. Firstly, adopting high degree of safety design for developing tools and establishment of frameworks; secondly, optimizing the design of permissions model, so it can achieve control ability level up to “files/ archive” to "role/user";meanwhileJurassic company developed many specific techniques for files security to maximally ensure files safety; In addition, the safety and standard working procedure also ensure that the system will not appear any files security problems during the framing work.

4.4 Long-term and sustainable development

Jurassic geological archives management system is based on the open model of XML information exchange, and designs the framework based on interface component. Those designs ensure that the system has a very strong adaptation ability, service ability and extension ability; therefore, it has the very strong vitality. By extension, upgrades it as a distributed digital archives management system, multiple digital archives system can be connected as a large distributed network digital archives, files processing ability and application will expand further.