Industry Training Overall Solution

1. Training Business Summary

Since its establishment in domestic training in 2009, Jurassic company has built a team with nearly 20 signed instructors, established deep cooperation pattern with China University of Petroleum and Yangtze University. After seeing years of developing gradually the company formed a unique training mode, training team and training system.

 According to the characteristics of vocational training, Jurassic developed sets of training course system for refining production and management. They included oil exploration enterprise production and management, built multiple training laboratories, developed a lot of training related software system, and accumulated a large number of training resources. Through professional training requirement, training curriculum design, training implementation and organization, training effect evaluation and formation of the unique professionalism, concentrate specialization training ideas and solutions. Jurassic has won widespread customer trust and praise.

2. Training Advantages

With highly clear positioning system, we adhere to

  • Performance orientation training principles;
  • Teaching design principles of behavior change on the spot;
  • Teacher training principles of teacher transformed to trainer.

3. Training Target and Thinking

3.1 Our target

  • Continuous conveying qualified practical personnel;
  • Meet the needs of employee’s career development;
  • Push to build persistent learning organization;
  • Promote the localization strategy implementation.

3.2 Our Thinking

  • Based on position competency to backward training courses and contents;
  • Training elements coordination to play training systematic effect;
  • Pay attention to training process management, through which to ensure training effect.

3.3 Training Solution General Framework

Training is not just a simple lecturesus, but the result of the various elements synergy.

3.3 Curriculum Design System

  • Curriculum design system based on the job responsibilities, through back stepping the training curriculum and contents.
  • One post skill acquisition need four angles of training design: Knowledge, the position to be well informed; Attitude, professionalism towards your work; Skill, perfection to work; Habit, required to master your work.

3.4 Diversified Teaching Means and Methods Teaching Means

Classroom teaching, Simulation training, Laboratory teaching, On-the-job practice

3.5 Teaching Method

In-class teaching, Conductive teaching, Game teaching, Expert outpatient service,  Role play, Case study, etc.