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Petroleum companies have long been struggling with problems of disparate data, different database systems, diverse applications that do not communicate very well with each other in the multiple workstations in the network. These systems have even had their multi-disciplinary functionalities but differed in operating requirements, data formats and interfaces.

Jurassic Integrated Application Data Solution has taken the advantage of the infinite OpenSpirit integration platform that enables the well known geo-technical applications and disparate data stores to work together.

In fact, OpenSpirit software consists of a base framework and the geo-technical application data connectors to all the designated data stores. Examples are OpenWorks, Geoframe, Kingdom, etc. Any other application plug-in to the same base framework can be able to access the data coming from the connected data stores. Any data from one data store can be transferred to another data store by means of the Copy Manager. Different data formats with respect to their storage units and geographic coordinate transformations in different data stores will be automatically converted to the designated units and coordinate systems on data transfer and access.

OpenSpirit can also be integrated to the ArcGIS system by means of scanning and displaying the geo-technical data to the spatial data in a single map. Any user can be able to spatially select the wells, seismic, 3D survey data, interpretation in the map for data QC, transfer, etc.

Jurassic has also developed the integration to the unstructured data for online search and review via Internet.

Reference:Data Integration Project in Daqing Oilfields has been highly recognized.